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Wedding photography in Portugal in the city Viseu

What a great day it was, not too hot, but a wonderfully pleasant temperature. We started the day preparing the groom, where a huge table was already set with some food. If there is one thing that the Portuguese pay attention to these days, it is the large amount of delicacies. Also a bottle of wine opened at 9 o'clock in the morning and this was also offered to us.

Then we went on to the bride, where again a similar breakfast and lunch table was ready. I think the father of the bride has offered me one of the tastiest wines in Portugal 10 times, but in the morning it is still hard for me. At 11 o'clock I drank half a glass and he was happy.

We left for a beautiful cathedral in Viseu where the newlyweds would meet for the first time. What a great moment that was. After the ceremony, music was made by the band that the groom was in and the bride traditionally sang.

After the ceremony it was time to leave for the wedding location where the whole afternoon, evening and night there is dancing, singing, playing games and of course, a lot of food. The party location is Qinta do Cisne. This wedding was in corona time on 04-06-2021, also one of the first countries where dancing was allowed again. I was very happy with that, even though I had to keep my mouth mask on.


It was a big wedding! This wedding photography in Portugal shows you the real Portuguese traditions, such as the delicious food, the many dancing and the Portuguese wedding games and with the icing on the cake, fireworks!

Are you also looking for a Dutch wedding photographer who will accompany you to your wedding in Portugal or anywhere in the world, feel free to ask information and look at Weddings abroad :)

I've been there several times, so I know a lot about the culture, know the most beautiful places and I'm totally in my element when it comes to wedding photography abroad. So many scents, colors and new inspiration.

Here is a selection of the wedding photos from this wedding in Portugal, Viseu. to enjoy!


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Popular wedding venues in Portugal

Are you planning to get married in Portugal, but you still have no idea where or what beautiful locations can be. Then first find out which types of areas make you happy and choose your location accordingly.

There are many different possibilities, Beach and seaside.

The entire south coast of Portugal lends itself as the ideal beach wedding location. 

A wooded area or bin an idyllic vineyard, in a Villa or a Palace. 

Sintra is one of the most beautiful romantic places I have ever been. Like you are in a completely different world. Well worth seeing.

 An authentic Portuguese village can also offer many possibilities.

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