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What a fantastic coloured wedding this was! The bride Dutch and the groom Spanish. A mix between Dutch and Spanish guests with the most beautiful traditional costumes. Very nice to see how these families interacted with each other. I really enjoyed this wedding day and I am grateful that I was able to capture the wedding photography for this wedding. Thanks to Zarah wedding planner from Wicked Wedding. Do you also have a wedding that is different than usual and do you want to celebrate it in a special way? Then get in touch!


Get carried away by my favorite photos with a unique narrative wedding photography style. I try to capture every wedding as pure and creative as possible. I therefore have a great passion for journalistic wedding photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. In addition, I have an art background and also made free photographic work for a number of years. I started combining this with narrative wedding photography and this has created a completely unique visual language, of which I can now really say that I know what I stand for! Nothing gives me more energy than capturing your beautiful characters.

Attention is paid to the important moments, but certainly also the intimate moments in between, family ties, emotions and the small details that you didn't even realize yourself.

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