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How nice, you're getting married, but what do you look for when looking for a wedding photographer?
Here are a number of frequently asked questions to make it easier for you and to provide insight
how I work during the wedding, but also about the booking process, post-processing and handling.
If your question is not listed, you can always ask it via the contact form below.

01. What is your style/approach to wedding photography?

I consider myself a real storyteller. This means that my style is mainly documentary. You will see photos with stories, real moments, small details and humor.


It's crazy to capture all those unique personalities as they are. During photo shoots I try to capture the dynamics, atmosphere and energy of each couple instead of having them pose. I strive to create authentic and sincere images that let you relive the wedding.


02. How far in advance do we need to book?

Depending on the month in which you get married, I am often booked six months to a year in advance. I limit the number of weddings I take on each year to ensure I have enough time to focus on each wedding individually and give it the right attention, so it's worth getting in touch as early as possible to reserve your date. A signed agreement and deposit are required to reserve your date.


03. We have a small wedding or elopement and only need a photographer for a few hours.

Is this something you offer?

Certainly, I love intimate weddings and I am always happy to offer part of the day. Please contact us to discuss your plans so we can work out how many hours are right for you.


04. Are you the photographer who will photograph my wedding?

Yes absolutely! I will always be the main photographer at your wedding.

05. How many photographers do you work with?

I usually work alone. Most weddings really only need one photographer. However, if your wedding needs additional photographers (has more than 150 guests, multiple locations on your wedding day and/or a large wedding party), I know many talented wedding photographers with the same experience to invite. When I choose another photographer to work with at a wedding, I am always confident that they have extensive experience at least equal to mine.

06. Do you sometimes book more than one wedding per day, weekend?

Two weddings in one day? No, not a chance. I would like to maintain the right attention and concentration for every wedding. That's why I prefer to photograph only 1 wedding in a weekend. Under certain ideal circumstances, such as short weddings, two weddings can sometimes take place in one weekend, but that doesn't happen often.

07. How soon after the wedding can we receive the photos?
I will send you a preview and slideshow within two or three days after your wedding. About six weeks after that, your private online gallery will be available. You can then select the photos that will be in your album and I can start designing the album. After final approval, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks before you receive the album.

08. Will our photos be in color, black and white or a mix?
Normally you can expect your gallery to be 50% black and white and 50% colour, this really depends on the specific wedding, the moments and emotions. Sometimes colors distract from the emotion and it comes out much better with a black and white photo. Of course I also love color, but I try to stick to reality. If you have a preference for color or black and white, I can adapt this to your wishes.


09. Do you offer retouches, color adjustments or other corrective services?
Each photo you receive will be fully edited to the extent you see on my website. This includes tone and white balance adjustment, exposure adjustment, cropping and straightening the images, black and white conversion (if applicable), and sharpening.


10. How do we receive our photos?
Once your photos are ready, you will receive an email with a link to a secure online gallery with all the high-resolution photos from your wedding day that you can view, download and share.


11. How many photos can we expect?
On average you will receive between 400-600 photos for a standard wedding day of 9 to 12 hours.


12. What happens to the photos we don't receive?
I strongly believe that the images a photographer takes at a wedding should be seen and loved.


First I look at all the photos I took. I will deliver any photo I feel is worth delivering (any photo that is well exposed, non-duplicate and of course flattering). I take photos all day long and while there are always a few photos that, for one reason or another, don't turn out once I see them full size on the computer, I hold those photos back for a reason.


Never forget the importance of selection; it is one of the most important tasks of the wedding photographer.

13. What kind of wedding albums do you offer?

We love seeing your photos come to life and we have several wedding album options for you to choose from. All our packages include wedding albums. All our wedding albums have lay-flat photo paper. Wedding albums are available in bond, velvet, linen & eco paper, printed on photo paper and manually bound. You have to see and touch them to really understand how amazing they are, so send me an email and let's have coffee so you can check them out!


14. Can we change the details of our script as we get closer to our wedding day and have a better view of our timeline?

Naturally! It is difficult to know exactly how many hours of photography you think you will need. It is no problem at all if you decide to expand your package or think you need fewer hours in the weeks and months leading up to your wedding. A few weeks in advance we have a detailed meeting to go through the day again.


15. Do you have experience with photographing in different lighting situations?

Yes, I feel very comfortable working in all types of lighting conditions. I can use the available light and I can also use flash to create my own lighting.


16. Should we reserve a place for the photographer during dinner?

Please! If I am present during the dinner and party evening and I have now had a long day of photography, it would be very nice to be able to eat and drink something. Of course, I also perform a bit better if I can gain energy again with a nourishing meal. It would be nice if I could sit in the same room where you eat, so that I can keep a close eye on everything if there is a moment where photography is required, such as the speeches.


17. Will you post photos of our wedding on your website, Instagram, etc.?

Yes, I might share some photos in my portfolio. If this is a problem please let me know when you book.


18. What are the next steps if we want to book you?

Very nice when you book me as your wedding photographer! I always work with an agreement and a 20% deposit. Your date will then be reserved and we will make it a fantastic day!


Are you now even more interested in me as your wedding photographer?

Please feel free to contact us!

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