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for photographers

Your magic that makes wedding photography alive!

Find peace and get the best out of yourself.

Maybe you have just quit your boring office job to pursue a passion, but you don't know how to handle it, or you have been working on wedding photography for a few years, but you are stuck or you want to delve deeper. In any case, you want to grow and take the step to get the best out of yourself!

In recent years I have seen myself grow rapidly, partly by investing well in my development. I took the time to talk to various photographers, attend a weekend retreat and attend several international conferences.

Three years ago I started a collective, the Mastermind Class, together with three other photographers. The four of us will delve deeper into photos in a livestream. After that, I received several requests for 1-on-1 mentoring sessions. I would also like to see what I can do for you.

What includes a Mentor-session?

During the Mentor session we look for what makes you unique, what inspires you and how you can incorporate that into your own work. Together we will take a detailed look at your portfolio or raw files of a reportage, we will delve deeper into your bottlenecks and frustrations and what you can do about them, but also how you work, what positions you take and which settings you choose.


The mentor session is completely focused on your situation. We look at the topics that you need most at the moment. Discussion points within a session can include: Portfolio review and criticism, website and style, work and private balance, focus and objectives, personal growth and development, workflow and process, marketing and communication, entrepreneurship and investing and last but not least your mindset. Growing within photography always goes hand in hand with your growth as a person and I would also like to look at this with you.


Interested in what I can do for your development?

Feel free to send me an email with all your questions,

doubts and struggles and together we make a plan of action.



Per hour via video call: €95,00 
Per day part (4 hours): €395,00 incl. Lunch
6 month program including 3 mentor sessions: €1095,00
12 month process including 6 mentor sessions: €1995,00


Prices are excluding VAT

Trouwfotograaf Breda



4 hours mentoring

including lunch




6 months traject

3 x 4 hours mentoring

including lunch




12 months traject

6 x 4 hours mentoring

including lunch


Award bruidsfotografie Breda Masters of wedding Photography, spontane trouwfotografie
Beste Trouwfotograaf van het jaar 2020 - Denise Motz
Beste trouwfotografie in Italië, Denise Motz
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