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Moments are one of the most important things in my job as a wedding photographer. During the wedding, I try to calmly and quietly observe what is happening. I follow the stories and wait for the right moment. I try to empathize with you and the guests and I do this by not only being a photographer, but also a guest. This is how I try to get to the same level as you and because of this I don't really stand out at all.


Unposed, real wedding photography with humor

So you certainly don't have to pose! I prefer that you can move freely and be who you are! Unposed doesn't mean we don't do a wedding shoot at all. You have the choice in this, but it is nice to have some nice pictures of you together in a very casual way. No state portraits, more loving and relaxed photos where I might send you a little bit.

Wedding photographer from Breda with storytelling photos

Every wedding is different and therefore wedding photography is very personal. I will make an appointment with you in advance for a no-obligation introductory meeting. I will get to know you better and the day will be discussed. I will also show some examples and albums. In this meeting we also find out whether there is a mutual click. If you have found the right wedding photographer for your wedding in me, we will arrange everything down to the last detail. And if you want advice or have questions, you can always contact me. Due to my extensive experience in weddings, I may be able to help you with more than just wedding photography, such as the layout of the day and wedding locations. A month in advance we will be in contact again to go through the day again and in more detail. We also go deeper into family bonds, your wishes and expectations.


If you want to see or discuss more weddings, come by for a cup of coffee! I would like to meet you :)

Documenting what happens on the day of the wedding and intervene as little as possible. That to me is what unposed wedding photography is all about. Only in this way I can capture great moments that let you enjoy. Attention is paid to the important moments, but also the intimate moments in between, family bonds, emotions and the small details that you didn't even realize yourself. Your wedding is about your unique story. The real memories are in the moments when you don't notice the camera anymore and are completely yourself.

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