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FdB - Fotógrafos de Boda has named me the best wedding photographer of the year 2020 !!!

I don't know how to start with this.

I gasped when I heard it and I never expected to become the best wedding photographer by competing with all these great wedding photographers. During the last round 7 more photos of me were handed out as awards, with which I was able to achieve an amazing number of 16 awards (the most).


The level of the competition is very high and achieving a nomination in the top 8 was quite an achievement for me. I feel very blessed, this year gave me so many opportunities that even with less weddings or work it was great. I've learned so much about how to spend my time carefully and get the most out of everything. We celebrate almost every day, but this feat deserves a whole week of champagne and cake. I couldn't even have wished in my deepest dreams that I would be the best wedding photographer of the year.


My dear family and friends, I want to thank you all, wherever you are on this planet, for being there in my life and for supporting me in what I love to do, freeze moments and make tangible memories for others. ❤️

I am a lucky lady.


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Best Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020 - Denise Motz
First prize for best wedding photographer Denise Motz

Moments are one of the most important things in my work as a photographer. During a wedding

I try to observe what happens calm and quietly. I follow the stories and wait for the right moment. Sometimes it almost feels like catching a prey ;)

Posing certainly does not have to be done! I prefer that you can move freely and be who you are! Off course it is good to have some nice pictures of you together, but nothing forced.

If you want to see or discuss more reportages, come along for a cup of coffee! I would like to meet you and find out more about you :)

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