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After completing the Academy of Fine Arts I didn't immediately start wedding photography.

I have always been busy with photography, but mainly focused on free work.

As my images evolved, I developed a soft spot for wedding photography.
By linking my own work to wedding photography, my own visual language has arisen.
As a photographer, I hope to get the freedom to make your story as pure and creative as possible.

Want to get to know me better?

Listen then to this podcast where I'm having a nice conversation with Alan Law of 'This is Reportage':


Living in the always cozy Breda with my Italian man and recently also a house in

Bassano del Grappa. A cottage in a beautiful town at the bottom of the mountains in Northern Italy.

I like to travel and feel happy in nature. Carpe diem :)


Contact Denise Motz - trouwfotograaf
Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz in Frankrijk
Trouwfotograaf in Nepal Denise Motz
Bruidsfotograaf in helicopter Denise Motz
Portret Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz
Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz in Uganda, Afrika
Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz met Italiaanse vriend
Trouwfotograaf in Nepal Denise Motz
Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz in Nepal
Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz met Nepalees bruidspaar
Bruidsfotograaf in Italië Denise Motz
Bruidsfotograaf in Noorwegen Denise Motz
Bruidsfotograaf in Ibiza, Contact Denise Motz
Contact Denise Motz - trouwfotograaf


Phone: +31(0)6 40 20 63 05



Please reserve your wedding date 

and ask for availability.
I'd like to chat with you to learn more about you and see if it matches!


Pelmolenstraat 27

4811LR Breda

KvK-number: 56162413
VAT-number: NL001559419B38

Bericht ontvangen!

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