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Wedding photographer in Italy

I'm so glad you came to my website! Are you also getting married in Italy? Super!

I have a house in Northern Italy with my Italian boyfriend, so I know a lot about the culture, I know the language and I'm totally in my element when it comes to wedding photography abroad. So many scents, colors and new inspiration. So I have a base from two countries and I have contacts with various wedding suppliers in northern and central Italy and in this way I hope to be able to help in the search for your dream wedding.

Are you also looking for a Dutch wedding photographer who already lives in Italy and will accompany you to your wedding or anywhere in the world, feel free to ask for information and check out Wedding Abroad.

Getting married in Tuscany near the town of Arezzo
How I got to photograph this wedding is a very funny story. Most of my bookings come from face-to-face marketing. Three years ago, I went to a campsite for an opening weekend "De Lievelinge". While I was dancing in the evening, I was introduced to a girl and she happened to be a wedding planner for, among other things, wedding venues in Italy. She immediately said she was looking for a wedding photographer who wanted to go to Italy to photograph the wedding of her brother who was getting married in the Region of Tuscany. I didn't have to think long about this. Of course I want to! And so we started planning the trip to photograph Elisabeth & Miguel's wedding in Italy.


The idea was to go road tripping with her and the videographer Leandra. We went in a big van with lots of flowers, the althar and other wedding decorations in the back. Drove for three days and arrived at this beautiful wedding location with an incredible view.

Montelucci Country Resort. The estate is located in the Tuscan countryside, between hills topped by medieval towns, really great!


The first day there we chilled by the pool, the althar was built and the decoration was in place. It was going to be a very hot day, 36 degrees, but we had plenty of water and the atmosphere was great! The wedding was Jewish, so I saw a lot of new traditions that are really beautiful to experience! The whole wedding was just so much fun and it lasted into the early hours with a few cocktails and salsa dancing.

It is a wedding paradise! This wedding photography in Italy makes you feel like you're in small castles, vast olive tree fields and delicious Italian dishes.

Here's a selection of the best wedding photos. Enjoy!

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