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Wedding photographer in Asolo Northern Italy near the beautiful mountains

Since I've been with an Italian man, I get more and more contacts in Italy and therefore more weddings. I am of course very happy with this. Since corona broke out, most of my weddings have been cancelled. However, I came into contact with a wedding photographer from the Veneto region. He was doing a little better and I went with him to one of his weddings. In one word Insane!

The fewer weddings you have in a year, the more you enjoy them and get the most out of them. I have learned that during this period and that is why I now only shoot a maximum of 20 weddings a year. This way I keep my focus and concentration to the maximum, but photographing a wedding is also physically demanding. It is good that the wedding season comes with busy and less busy periods.


Looking for the best moments! As a wedding photographer in Asolo I am privileged to be able to photograph a wedding or such a fantastic location.

Are you also looking for a wedding photographer who already lives in Italy and will accompany you to your wedding or anywhere in the world, feel free to ask for information and look at Wedding Abroad :) Together with my Italian boyfriend I have a house in Bassano del Grappa , Northern Italy so I know a lot about the culture, I know the Italian language and I am totally in my element when it comes to wedding photography abroad. So many scents, colors and new inspiration.

Here is a selection of the best wedding photos from this wedding in Italy. To enjoy!

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