How cool do I like it when I receive an application for a wedding abroad? Well I can tell you I love it! Abroad teaches me so much, how to work with different landscapes, buildings and other cultures. The more difference there is in my weddings, the more I see myself growing.

This time I was allowed to do the wedding photography  Take care of France Staatssburg. A very nice and sweet couple, he French, she German. They married on the border between France and Germany in Staatsburg. From my studio Trouwfotografie Breda it was about a 5 hour drive by car, so I prefer to do that than by plane.  

Wedding Photography France Staatsburg

And wow, what a beautiful environment I was allowed to drive into. They got married in the center of Staatsburg between all very cozy houses, highly recommended to plan a trip to!

If you are still looking for a France Wedding Photographer, please do not hesitate to contact me or take a look at the blog or ' Getting married abroad'