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Have you been looking for the right wedding photographer for a while, but you always fail to make a choice because everything looks the same? My way of shooting is very outspoken and when you see my photos it is often immediately clear.  

What exactly do I distinguish myself as a wedding photographer?​

For the past 3 years I have been half  traveled the world. It is of course fantastic to have a wedding abroad  to photograph, see new environments and be inspired.  What I find particularly interesting is getting to know new cultures. How do people around the world interact, what are their interests and how do they show that they love each other. The more I've learned about this, the easier it becomes for me to grab the right moments that really matter.  

Wedding photographer with beautiful scenic images

Besides traveling I have a background in fine art photography. Here I learned a lot about composition and generating suggestions.  Leave something to the imagination and don't release everything right away. I like serene moments when people create a meditative moment for themselves. These images are often reflected in  scenic  still lives. The great thing about this is that nothing is staged. So you don't have to pose all day, just enjoy each other and the people around you. I make sure you hardly see me and I am a very calming factor at your wedding. A review by Annemiek & Stefan:


' Dear Denise,


we are completely blown away by the beauty of your photos. We especially find it a great mystery how you were able to capture all those beautiful moments. Because where were you? Stefan and I have asked each other but no, we really haven't seen you or hardly at all. And yet - your photos prove it - you were everywhere.  


We couldn't have imagined a better memory of the day than your photos. It has dynamism, lightness, a smile, a tear. They are unique compositions, a beautiful play of colour, light and shadow. But we think the most beautiful thing is that you have succeeded in consolidating fleeting but beautiful moments into images and keeping them moving.  


Yes Denise you are - besides being a great nice person - a great photographer. We would like to say a huge thank you for the result and your dedicated way of working, that felt very good.'

do you have  now something like 'Yaaaa this wedding photographer suits us perfectly!' then i'm standing  always open for a nice conversation to get to know you better. Come and have a cup of coffee, I would like to meet you. Contact me here  to see if your date is still available.

Award Winning Wedding Photographer

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