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With this wedding photography you really relive the wedding day. It's bad  special for me to be able to experience the love between you and friends / family so close, so special that I  often do not keep it dry.  Every family has its own customs and shared memories and that makes every wedding unique and challenging for me. Even though the whole day is planned, unexpected things always happen that makes your wedding your own. I capture your day in a very casual and casual way. my character is  calm and relaxed which often helps to start the day without stress. I am a flexible, experienced traveler and don't get stressed easily. I like to put you at ease when needed and try to be as unobtrusive as possible. By that I mean that I mix with the guests and have a chat every now and then in order to get on the same level and gain trust.


Award winning wedding photography

I am a Dutch award winning wedding photographer from Breda and I shoot wedding photos at every national and international location. My work has been recognized by international and national organizations such as Fearless Photographers , Masters of wedding Photography , My wed and This is Reportage . Over the years I have already won several awards and last year I was honored to be one of the top 20 best wedding photographers in the world and I am of course very proud of this!!!

'Describe your wedding photography'

- I am sometimes asked

In 2012 I graduated as a visual photographer, mainly focused on concepts that I had in mind. From 2016 I started photographing my first weddings. By linking my own free work to wedding photography, a completely unique visual language has been created. You can call it a niche within wedding photography .

• Far from traditional

• No calibrated wedding photos on a bridge

• Real moments wedding photography

• Pure emotions

• Artistic still lives or portraits

• Wedding photos in detail

A work of art where people sit in their own world for a while.


Others find my work special, not traditional wedding photography, catching the right moment and telling the story of the day just the way it is.

Do you think now,  interesting! Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or if you would like to come by for a cup of coffee.

Also view work by some  wedding locations where I have been active or go to the blog page.

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Hi Denise,  We just looked at the pictures with admiration…. Wow!!! Really enjoy!!  For people who don't like pictures at all, you're making it almost difficult for us to choose which ones we can hang on the wall :D:D

There are some really cool ones, especially the ones at the fort!! It's really great what you managed to make with that location for beautiful, fairytale-like photos! You also managed to capture the atmosphere very well throughout the day!!!


"Dear Denise,

What wonderful photos of a fantastic day! We are very happy with it, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.   We also liked your way of working. You are highly recommended!"


"Denise made our day complete! She reassured us when we were alone for a while, she came to pick us up when she had found a nice spot and knew how to make us take poses so that we had beautiful pictures! Our whole day is now beautifully photographed ! Thanks to this top lady !!!"


Wow, you took really nice photos, chapeau !!!, We are super happy that everything went so smoothly and naturally, here you also perfectly fulfilled your role as a capturing eye. Our feedback and from our family is that you did your job well by being unobtrusively absorbed in the whole, well adapted to the atmospheres at the different locations.  Your beautiful photo report brings the wedding day back into our memories, we can't wait for the rest and the album. Thank you for your flexibility and your craftsmanship.'

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