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Pure, real moments that tell the truth

Have you been looking for the right wedding photographer for a while, but you always have trouble making a choice because everything looks the same? My way of photographing is pure, with feeling and emotion. When you see my wedding photos, it is often immediately clear whether you feel exactly the same as I do when I take the photos with full dedication and dive into the story of the day with jitters! The closer I get to the core of your love for each other and your guests, the more these memories come back to life in your wedding photos.

Storytelling wedding photography is typical for this time

You probably remember the analog wedding photos where the wedding couples had to look into the camera with every step they took. It was more of a documentation of the wedding than actual storytelling wedding photos with precious moments, with the couple having to do an awkward photo shoot as well. I also heard from my parents that there was only one wedding photographer living in the village and you booked that one. Fortunately, the choice is now huge, but that does not always make it easier.

Beste journalistieke trouwfotograaf Breda & Italië - Denise Motz

Ciao, I'm Denise!

A Dutch wedding photographer from Breda & I now also live partly in Italy. In winter I can often be found in Bassano del Grappa, a town at the foot of the Alps in Italy. My boyfriend is Italian so that's how I ended up here, not too bad, right? ;) We enjoy cooking and hiking in the mountains together. In relaxing Italy I edit many photos and the albums come to life!

I photograph weddings in every national and international destination. I love traveling, different cultures and rituals and I don't get stressed easily. This has ensured that I not only look ahead, but everywhere around me where stories are taking place.

I consider myself a privileged person because I love my profession so much and am lucky enough to enjoy the work, which makes me carry out every wedding with the same passion and responsibility. How beautiful it is to celebrate love with all your loved ones and that I can capture that love up close. Quite an honor!

Passion for journalistic wedding photography

Immerse yourself in my favourite photos with a unique storytelling wedding photography style. I try to capture every wedding as pure and creative as possible. I have a great passion for journalistic wedding photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. In addition, I have an art background and for a number of years also made free photographic work. I started to combine this with capturing real moments at a wedding and this has created a unique visual language, of which I can now really say that I know what I stand for! Nothing gives me more energy than capturing your beautiful characters.

I Love people and their personal stories!

Ik would love to hear yours with a good cup of coffee.

With this wedding photography you will really relive the wedding day. It is very special for me to be able to experience the love between you and your friends / family up close, so special that I often do not keep it dry. Each family has their own habits and shared memories, which makes every wedding unique and challenging for me. Even though the whole day is planned, there are always unexpected things that make your wedding unique. I photograph your day in a very casual and easygoing way. My character is calm and relaxed which often helps to start the day without stress. I am a flexible, experienced traveler and do not get stressed easily. I like to put you at ease when necessary and try to be so discreet as possible. By that I mean that I mix with the guests and have a little chat now and then to get to the same level and gain trust.

Best Wedding Photographer of the year 2020 & 2021 Breda!

My work has been recognized by international and national organizations such as Fearless Photographers, Masters of wedding Photography, My wed, Fotografos de Boda, This is Reportage and Inspiration Photographers. Over the years I have won several awards and have been able to call myself 'Best Wedding Photographer of the year 2020 & 2021' with no fewer than 16 awards from the international organization Fotógrafos de boda and winner of the Golden Lens Award at Inspiration Photographers. In 2018 & 2022 I ended up in the top 20 best wedding photographers in the world at Fearless Photographers and I am of course very proud of this!!!

Are you now thinking: 'Yes, this wedding photographer suits us perfectly!' I am always open to a nice conversation to get to know you better. Come have a coffee, I would like to meet you. Contact me here to see if your date is still available.

Are you getting married abroad?

No problem, I am an experienced traveler and would love to travel with you.

Are you looking for wedding photography in Italy? Great, I speak the language and live partly in Bassano del Grappa, northern Italy. This allows me to help you with your search for a location and other wedding suppliers.

Beste trouwfotograaf van het jaar 2020 en 2021

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Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
Denise Motz Review beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Anca & Dani

Denise has been our trusted photographer for several important events in our lives, such as our wedding, our maternity photo shoot and several other important personal events. Her style is so unique and special that it has almost become the hallmark of our family photos and I am so grateful for it.
She has a special eye for detail, for capturing candid moments, without scripting or having people pose. She communicates with people kindly and in a way that even if you are a difficult person when it comes to being photographed, you will probably feel comfortable with Denise.
My work requires me to work with photographers on a regular basis, but Denise is hands down my best photographer experience in the world - very professional, totally worth the price and you will relive the very special little moments of your special day, captured creatively, rather than scripted and “posed” as many other photographers would do. Strongly recommended!

Denise Motz review beste trouwfotograaf Italië
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Valentina & Marco

Denise is a true professional, she captures every moment in the photos and makes you relive all the emotions of the day! She was our photographer at my and my husband Marco's wedding and it was an amazing experience! Strongly recommended

Denise Motz recensie Beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Chris & Guus

Denise was absolutely incredible and both myself and husband could not recommend her enough. From the initial calls and getting to know us, right through to how she managed us and the photography of our big day and then to the quality of the pictures produced.

We initially met with Denise after speaking with a number of photographers and her calmness and genuine interest in us as a couple made use want to choose her to make the memories of our big day. In the initial calls, Denise took the time to get to know us, our history, how we met and the important details of our relationship that mattered. She also spent a lot of time trying to understand from us what was important in terms of style and photography approach. For us genuineness, real moments and natural events that told a story was what we wanted. This is definitely what Denise works to capture.

On the day itself, we were very nervous and didn’t know what to expect and for the first 15 minutes felt uncomfortable on how to behave in front of the camera. Denise made sure we felt relaxed and able to enjoy the moments that matter and before we knew it we didn’t even see she was there. She was discreet while being present and didn’t push or guide in an uncomfortable way. Everything was natural and although it was clear that Denise was there, she never felt intrusive.

The big success for us was the end result and within 24 hours we had a private online gallery with some of the most amazing pictures of the day to give us a teaser. They were incredible and helped us to relive the day immediately and really captured the style that we had hoped for from our photographer. All of the pictures have now been delivered to us and the way that a story is told from start to finish is outstanding.

I think it’s clear that we highly and unreservedly recommend Denise for any important photography. I am sure we will also be in close contract again for the next time we need such awesome pictures taken.

Thank you, Denise! You were amazing 🤩 🤵🏻‍♂️🤵🏻

Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Sylvia & Christian

Contact with Denise was easy and fast. After 2 extensive and pleasant conversations, Denise recorded our day on April 7. From the preview photos we can now only say wow. She captured that beautifully. The special thing about Denise is that she is a great guest at the wedding, but also takes photos at times when you don't even notice her. Denise, we would like to thank you so much for the already beautiful photos and the skill that you captured our day. We couldn't have imagined a better photographer. We definitely recommend you to our circle! Love, Sylvia and Christian

Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Mandy & Robbert

It's been a year since Denise captured our beautiful day. Super nice contact and on the day itself you didn't realize she was there. Still super happy with the photos, precious moments captured fantastically!

5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Davita & Konstantin

Denise captured our wedding day in a unique way. She was always in the right place at the right time, often without us realizing it. She was present in the background and managed to capture beautiful, playful and loving moments. In addition, it was a pleasure to prepare the wedding photography together. Denise took the time to talk us through the entire day in advance. She listened to what was important to us and gave us advice where necessary based on her years of experience with weddings and wedding photography. The photos turned out beautiful: artistic, stylish and truly a reflection of how we experienced the day (not posed). The photos are so special because of her sense of light, shapes and special perspectives, which makes the captured moments look natural but still have something extra. We can highly recommend Denise, it was definitely one of our top choices to ask her to be our wedding photographer!

Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Lydia & Etien

The very best! Denise took beautiful photos of our wedding day. We had an online interview with her twice in advance in which she wanted to know more about our background, family relationships and other matters that could influence the wedding day. She even gave advice on the layout of the location of the ceremony so that the light could be used optimally. On the day itself it was as if a family member was there. Because she has a "script" in her head, she knew how to take the right photos at exactly the right times. Denise is also a nice person and knows how to put everyone at ease. The wedding album turned out beautiful, partly thanks to her advice. It is not without reason that Denise is one of the best wedding photographers in the Netherlands. Make an appointment with her and see what is possible!

Denise Motz recensie beste trouwfotograaf breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Daphne & Rik

A pleasant, sweet and calm wedding photographer, who made us feel at ease from moment 1. And then the result of the photos: Wow! Wow! Wow! We can hardly stop looking at and scrolling through the beautiful pictures. Denise knows exactly how to transform all the emotions of the day into special, beautiful and moving photos. We are very grateful for this and will enjoy it for years to come!

Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Lotte & Reneé

Six stars if possible. If you look at Denise's portfolio and are as impressed as we were; Don't worry, she makes it happen!
We didn't want posed photos and that is of course a risk... you can't be sure if everyone will look good at any given moment. Those concerns have also been completely addressed. The photos have become a fantastic representation of our day and all guests appear in them several times in a very beautiful, authentic way. On the day itself, after 5 minutes you have no idea she is there. We are even convinced that Denise was not there for one of the long speeches, but photos were actually taken!? The photos are all of such a high standard that the only disadvantage we are left with is: the stress of choosing which photos will be enlarged and placed in our house. Thank you Denise, you are an artist!

If you are speechless and look at the photos every day, then you know you have a TOP photographer. Denise is very pleasant to deal with, she behaves unobtrusively, but very pleasant among all guests. You don't realize she is taking photos and the result is stunning. It's art.

Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Sarah & Thomas

We are incredibly happy that we had Denise as our wedding photographer. She captured the day beautifully and she is a very nice guest to have on the day. We felt comfortable at all times. She took really beautiful photos. We couldn't have asked for better photos and memories of the day!

Denise Motz Recensie beste trouwfotograaf Breda
5-sterren recensies Trouwfotograaf Denise Motz

Manon & Willem Jan

Super beautiful photos and a very nice, warm woman. It was nice to have her there on our big day and we still enjoy all the beautiful photos she took every day.

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