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Have you been looking for the right wedding photographer for a while, but you still can't make a choice, because everything looks like the same? My way of photographing is very distinct and when you see my photos it is often immediately clear.


Storytelling wedding photography is typical for this time

You probably remember the analog wedding photos where the wedding couples had to look into the camera with every step they took. It was more of a documentation of the wedding than actual storytelling wedding photos with precious moments, with the couple having to do an awkward photo shoot as well. I also heard from my parents that there was only one wedding photographer living in the village and you booked that one. Fortunately, the choice is now huge, but that does not always make it easier.


Let me introduce myself, I am a Dutch wedding photographer from Breda and I shoot wedding photos in every national and international destination. I like to travel and don't get stressed easily. This has made me look not only ahead, but all around me. I can also be found a lot in Bassano del Grappa, Italy in the winter. My boyfriend is Italian and we like cooking and hiking in the mountains together. There I edit a lot of photos and the albums come to life. I consider myself a privileged person because I love my profession so much and am lucky enough to enjoy the work, which makes me carry out every wedding with the same passion and responsibility.

Passion for journalistic wedding photography

Immerse yourself in my favourite photos with a unique storytelling wedding photography style. I try to capture every wedding as pure and creative as possible. I have a great passion for journalistic wedding photography, in which humor certainly plays an important role. In addition, I have an art background and for a number of years also made free photographic work. I started to combine this with capturing real moments at a wedding and this has created a unique visual language, of which I can now really say that I know what I stand for! Nothing gives me more energy than capturing your beautiful characters.

I Love people and their personal stories!

Ik would love to hear yours with a good cup of coffee.

With this wedding photography you will really relive the wedding day. It is very special for me to be able to experience the love between you and your friends / family up close, so special that I often do not keep it dry. Each family has their own habits and shared memories, which makes every wedding unique and challenging for me. Even though the whole day is planned, there are always unexpected things that make your wedding unique. I photograph your day in a very casual and easygoing way. My character is calm and relaxed which often helps to start the day without stress. I am a flexible, experienced traveler and do not get stressed easily. I like to put you at ease when necessary and try to be so discreet as possible. By that I mean that I mix with the guests and have a little chat now and then to get to the same level and gain trust.

Documenting what happens on the day of the wedding and intervening as little as possible. For me, that is what the work of a wedding photographer means. Only in this way I can capture the greatest moments that let you enjoy.

Awardwinning Photographer

My work has been recognized by international and national organizations such as Fearless Photographers, Masters of wedding Photography, My wed, Fotografos de Boda, This is Reportage and Inspiration Photographers. Over the years I have won several awards and have been able to call myself 'Best Wedding Photographer of the year 2020 & 2021' with no fewer than 16 awards at the international organization Fotógrafos de boda and winner of the Golden Lens Award at Inspiration Photographers 2021. In 2018 I ended up in the top 20 best wedding photographers in the world at Fearless Photographers and of course I am very proud of this!!!

Do you have something like 'Yesss, this wedding photographer fits us completely!' then I am always open for a nice conversation to get to know you better. Come and have a nice coffee, I would like to meet you. Please contact me here to see if your date is still available :)





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