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Hindu wedding ceremony in the Netherlands

I was so happy when I got this enquiry for a Hindu wedding ceremony in the Netherlands. I did two of them before in Nepal and I was really in love with all the colours and different rituals. It's so inspiring and interesting how it goes in different cultures.

This is where my heart makes little jumps.

So beautiful to see two different cultures come together and it made this ceremony really fun and light. She is Singaporean and he is Greek. What an expression and fun!

The Hindu Temple

The Hindu ceremony took place in one of the few Hindu temples in the Netherlands.

A really colourful temple which you would never expect in the Netherlands.

The second part is where they went to Stoom a restaurant next to the water. In between they changed cloths and the they toasted with a Greek drink!

Be prepared for a colour explosion wedding ceremony and loads of fun with games and wonderful rituals.


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