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2 nieuwe Fearless photographers Awards

Fearless photographers award - Bruiloft in Italië rookbom
Fearless photographers award - Bruiloft Italië

AAHHH YESSSSS!!! My 12th Fearless Award!! Fearless Photographers Every time my heart gets a little shock when I hear I've won a Fearless Award, it means a lot to me.

I heard so many different opinions about this image, being a bit weird or even creepy, but I just thought it was an amazing, colourful and funny moment which looks a little surrealistic because of the crop! Now I've got the judges with me

The crop had something to do with limitations. Funny enough with limitations you get more creative and think more out of the box.

I couldn't show pictures where people didn't keep the 1,5m distance and not wearing masks. The moment where the guys were celebrating, lifting the groom and the groom almost smothers in the smoke

Many thanks and appreciation to the judges and Huy for their work!

From Silvia & Damiano's Italian wedding July 2020

Fearless photographers award - Trouwfotografie spiegeling
Fearless photographers award - Trouwfotografie spiegeling

Whaaa goosebumps, I can't believe it !!! Another Fearless award!

Thank you so much Fearless Photographers! Yesterday the moments, today the Portraits

With this lovely picture of Caroline & Johan in their own boudoir room - October 2020

Wil je meer awardwinnende foto's zien, ga dan naar deze pagina


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