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The top 10 best photo locations in Breda are not all easy to find. That is why I have listed the top 10 photo locations for you here. As a true connoisseur of Breda, because I have lived here for 14 years, I know every garden, forest, abandoned building and many industrial areas. There are so many different beautiful photo spots in Breda, but everyone likes something different.


During the first meeting, we also check the photo shoot. Most couples who end up with me don't like posing, but would like to receive casual photos of themselves. My approach, mostly having fun and catching the chemistry between you without posing too much. Well, I can give you some pointers, but the main thing for both of us is to keep it light. Planning an activity is always a good idea for a photo shoot on location in Breda. The top 10 best photo locations in Breda in a row.

Photo location Druivelaar House Breda


A bed & breakfast for indoor and outdoor photo shoots, a hidden gem in Breda. Hidden behind the houses, invisible from the street, appears the old farmhouse Huize Druivelaar from 1902. Entirely surrounded by greenery and quietly enveloped by the sounds of birds and the rustling of leaves.


The more than a hundred years old authentic grape greenhouse is a hidden gem in Breda. The indoor location is filled with the hundred-year-old grape vines. This makes it seem like you are somewhere abroad.

In the private city garden of 2600m2, you can pick raspberries, Japanese wineberries, blackberries, gooseberries and apples in the summer. The garden is very varied and has different paths that make it seem like you are in a fairytale.

Photo location Haveneiland Breda


A still relatively unknown place in Breda is Haveneiland: urban, industrial and hip. A residential area will be built here in the future. But until then, this is the perfect place to spend an entire day or do a photo shoot. There are so many possibilities. Haveneiland says it all, it is surrounded by the harbor where various boats find their location.


In addition, cutting is located here as a kind of mini festival. Small entrepreneurs have created their own industrial spots here. You will also find Pier15, a skate park and Belcrum Beach, a small beach next to the harbor. This provides a very varied image for your photo shoot. Afterwards you can also have a nice drink at Radio Pannenkoek.

Photo location Parkhoeve Breda-North


Farm Parkhoeve Breda-Noord is located in a beautiful green area on the edge of the Hoge Vucht district. Donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs and various rodents and bird species live on this farm. You can visit the cuddle meadow and stables and walk through the fields with the different animal species during your photo shoot. It makes the shoot just a bit more organic. It is also possible to take a walk through the blooming garden. A versatile photo location.

Photo location Domaine D' Heerstaayen Strijbeek

Less than a 20 minute drive from Breda you arrive at this special location in Strijbeek, Domaine D' Heerstaayen. You imagine yourself not in the Netherlands for a while, but the feeling of being in a warm place ends up with all those beautiful gardens, a vineyard, flower picking garden and orangery. The chickens are also happily scratching around here and the eggs are often hidden between the flowers. From the orchard is a gate in the high hawthorn hedge which provides access to this picking garden with a Victorian vegetable greenhouse with tomatoes, melons, aubergines and artichokes.


A walk through the gardens is an experience in itself, not a corner that has not been thought about, too many to mention. Not only is this a great photo location, you can also get married at this location.

Photo location Het MastBos Breda

Mastbos Breda & the Markdal, the backyard of Breda.

The beautiful Mastbos Breda, one of the oldest forests in the Netherlands, has existed for about 500 years and is rich in many types of trees and plants. There are several fairytale-like paths and walking routes that make this the suitable photo location of Breda. A photo shoot in the forest doesn't have to be boring, as long as you know the beautiful places. Before or after the shoot you can also have a nice drink here, an icebreaker or activity always works well.

Photo location Breda center

The beating heart of Breda: the Grote Markt, the bustling terraces and of course the Grote Kerk. A part of Breda full of history with surprising places to discover, such as the intimate shopping court 't Sas, the beautiful Houtmarkt or the covered Baroness. By taking this walk through the center, not only is a lot happening, you also hardly notice that you are doing a photo shoot. 

Photo location Chasse theater Breda

Around the Chassé theater are a number of industrial buildings that lend themselves well to the perfect photo location. Again a lot of variety by combining color and lines. The Chassé theater is located in the city, so it can also be perfectly combined with a city walk. I've done photo shoots at this place several times and I don't get tired of it. Every time I discover a new place or composition.

Photo location purple Galderse heather

Couples who want to enjoy the beautiful purple heather during their photo shoot should choose their moment well. The heather only blooms from mid-August to mid-September. So maybe something to consider when choosing your wedding date if you want a photo shoot in the purple heather. The heath is surrounded by forest, so there are also plenty of different options in addition to the Purple heath

Photo location Brack Breda

Brack is a location located in the Belcrum and a beer brewery is located here. This used to be an old paper factory and has stood empty for a long time. Now it has become a bustling industrial location and the surrounding grounds are also great for a photo shoot. This photo shoot is also cool in combination with the Blind Walls Gallery. Giant paintings can be found in various places in Breda, which you can often find in the Belcrum.

Photo location Kasteelplein & park Breda

The Kasteelplein is a square in Breda. It is located in front of the castle of Breda and borders the city park Valkenberg. Along the Kasteelplein are two special buildings, on Kasteelplein 10 the historic HBS, nowadays the restored Queen Wilhelmina Pavilion of the Royal Military Academy, and on the same side the Gouverneurshuis. Beautiful photo locations to combine well with the Valkenberg park in Breda.

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