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Wedding photography of a traditional Moluccan wedding
Rachelle & Joshua's traditional Moluccan wedding took place on February 24, 2023.
That day I had the honour of photographing a traditional Moluccan wedding for the first time. The bride is a fashion designer and has made a large part of the traditional wedding clothing herself. She brought the shoes and accessories from the Moluccas. Nowadays, most Moluccans marry in a modern way, but they went back to their roots.


Moluccan Traditions

Before the wedding, we discussed all the different rituals that would take place on this day. For example, after the church service, the couple arrives at the man's house and is wrapped in a red cloth by his family. She is accepted into his family. The moment the rituals took place I felt so many emotions around me and total surrender. It is so valuable to be able to experience this up close and to feel these emotions as well.


The symbolic value of the Moluccan church Maranatha

One of the most beautiful works by the famous architect Aldo van Eyck, an architectural gem in the Oranjebuurt in Deventer. When you are inside, you see the Moluccas. The color blue of the sea, the shells from the Moluccas incorporated in the cement, decorated in the shape of a fish. You experience the Moluccan islands, it's just right.

I remain impressed by the love between people, the different rituals and cultures. I learn so much to be present at these beautiful moments. Will you also get married in a traditional way or even in the Moluccas? Then I would like to travel with you. I am curious about your wishes for the wedding and about your story. Then feel free to ask for information or look at Wedding Abroad. ​Below you can find a selection of photos of this Traditional Moluccan wedding in Deventer.

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