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Wedding photographer Tilburg
Wedding photographer Tilburg

I am a Dutch award winning wedding photographer Breda and I take wedding photos at every national and international destination, but I also like to take care of wedding photography in my hometown Breda. Unique moments are captured through my journalistic and narrative form of photography. So you can expect wedding photos that feature humor, special real moments and details that characterise your day. Moments are one of the most important things in my work. During the wedding I try to calmly and calmly observe what is happening.

Documenting what happens on a wedding day

Documenting what happens on the day of the wedding and intervene as little as possible. That to me is what the work of a wedding photographer entails. Only in this way can I capture great moments that will make you enjoy. The photos become more than just wedding photos. They become a tangible memory. You are completely back in the wedding when you look back at the wedding photos.


Wedding photographer Tilburg
Wedding photographer Tilburg

Wedding photographer Tilburg with journalistic pictures

Every wedding is different and that is why wedding photography is very personal. I make an appointment with you in advance for a no-obligation introductory meeting. In it I will get to know you better and it will be discussed how the day will go. I will also show some examples and albums. In this conversation we will also find out whether there is a mutual click. If you have found the right wedding photographer for your wedding in me, we will arrange everything down to the last detail. And if you want advice or have questions you can always contact me. Due to my extensive experience in weddings I can help you with some things!

Come along for a cup of coffee!

Bruidsfotograaf Tilburg
Wedding photographer Tilburg

My work has been recognized by international and national organizations, such as Fearless Photographers, Masters of wedding Photography, My Wed, Fotografos de Boda 

and This is Reportage. Over the years I have won several awards and last year I was among the top 20 best wedding photographers in the world and I'm very proud of this !!!

Wedding photographer Tilburg

Awardwinning wedding

photographer Tilburg

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