Storytelling Photography

  Camper Retreat


 Algarve, Portugal | April 17-23, 2020



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Grow your talent as a Storytelling photographer !

There is no such thing as the perfect lens, camera or settings.

Above all, photography is a way of expressing your voice, your emotion and your story.

7-day camper & photography retreat

Everybody loves a well-told story because it evokes emotions. They can make us excited, laugh, cry or feel empathy for someone else. But most importantly: stories about other people help us to understand our own lives better. If you can tell a compelling story with a single image, it will stick with anybody. This is why visual storytelling plays such an important role in photography.

Take your storytelling photography to the next level during the 7-day camper retreat in the Algarve, Portugal. A unique experience where you will explore, learn and grow with like-minded people.


Do you have sufficient theoretical knowledge of photography, are you looking for the ultimate combination of traveling, learning more about storytelling photography and a lot of adventure? Well, in that case …

Camper Retreat Storytelling Photography is exactly what you’re looking for!

So, what will I learn in 7 days?

✓  The importance of visual storytelling in photography          
  How to evoke emotion in your work                                     

  Seeing and capturing the right moments                                     

  Creating compositions emphasising your leading character

  Crafting your own unique visual voice
  Composing storytelling series

✓  Giving and receiving criticism constructively

✓  Other aspects of photography you wish to learn

Storytelling photography workshop




Denise Motz

Photographer & Mentor


Three years ago I discovered traveling was bringing me so much freedom and knowledge in life. That’s why I started to combine it with my photography work. Why not do my favourite thing on earth, while traveling the world? My passion for capturing people’s unique stories is so big that you won’t see me without my camera, whether if it’s a wedding, street photography or my own life. Not only does that train me as a photographer, I also become a richer personality with each click. I would love to share my expertise and opinion about visual storytelling with you!

Alessandro Michelazzo

Alessandro Michelazzo
Visual designer & drummer


I have a research based, no non-sense approach to designing and I am always looking for interesting new ideas. I care for people and I love to spend my day in a dynamic, challenging and stimulating environment. I’m ready and enthusiastic to share my passion and to help you in finding your brand identity.

Villa Angaran
Storytelling on the road

Connect with like-minded photographers while staying at breathtaking locations. We travel together with campervans from spot to spot  with the ultimate feeling of freedom.  having  breakfast together in the morning, talk the day through and do our tasks in groups or separated. We evaluate each other's work and look for strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day we have dinner and there is time for reflection, making campfires and stargazing with a nice glass of wine.

In this community there is no time to pretend to be someone else. Living in nature with with just the bare minimum gives you the power to just. Be. you.

some say  "This trip was life changing"!

Villa Angaran
After the workshop

You might have questions after the workshop. After all, it takes some time to evaluate your thoughts and the things you've learned and experienced. That's why every participant has the option to receive a personal mentor-session afterwards, preferably via Skype. During that session you can ask anything.

Villa Angaran
Info & Pricing
  • 7-day Photography program

  • Daily healthy breakfast

  • Accommodation – Wild Camping Spots and Cool Campsites

  • Office and Bedroom With Epic Views

  • Group dinner for 3 out of 7 nights

  • Wi-Fi available

  • Personal mentor session afterwards

  • You can bring your own camper-van, or rent one at  motorhome retreats 
    Prices renting a from €250 / €325

  • Airplane tickets to Faro and fuel not included

  • Algarve, Portugal | April  17-23, 2020
    € 595,-  / excl. VAT & Camper Van Rental Package


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